The known history codigo promocional olymp trade of our farm goes back into the late 1700’s when Bob’s ancestors settled here.  Probably due to a money crisis created by Eastern politicians in the early part of the next century, the farm was sold out of the family for a few years, but has been continuously in the family for almost 200 years.  In recent years it consisted of about 90 acres, with 30 of that in timber.  It was enough to support a family for many years, with enough left over to get two sons through college.  Several years ago we bought back more of the original farm and there are now 130 acres, much more space than we need for flowers.

To keep the farm in the family, between 1972 and 1993 we commuted from Cincinnati and did the work on weekends and during vacations.  During that period we tried raising hay, small grains, and finally had a vertically integrated operation where we raised hay and grain and marketed it by feeding cattle which we sold as freezer beef.  With the decrease in meat consumption in the mid 80’s we sold the cattle and reverted to hay and grain, but when we moved to the farm in 1993 we started to raise vegetables for sale.  Later we added the cut flowers, which have proved to be more interesting and profitable than the vegetables, and now we concentrate on the flowers.

We started by growing the usual summer annuals – zinnias, dahlias, sunflowers, marigolds – and quickly added some perennials.  Over the years we have added many cultivars as well as woody ornamentals such as willow, bittersweet and hydrangeas.  If you click on the Grow List tab you will see most of them, but others are being added all the time.

Our marketing of flowers has also evolved.  Initially we sold rather simple bouquets in tin cans.  After https://www.olymptrade.net.br/bonus/ a couple of years we were asked to do a wedding, then provide flowers for a large client entertainment event, flowers for dinners and receptions in private homes, flowers for fundraisers, and on and on.  At the same time we were selling to retail florists, country clubs, and wholesalers.  Today we still do all that, and we find it interesting and challenging.

We especially enjoy doing the weddings which are an artistic challenge.  We like to use primarily flowers that we grow, but we do whatever the bride wants, and are able to purchase from a wholesaler whatever we need.  Over time we have evolved our own style, which is open and uses many different greens in addition to the accent flowers.  Some people call it “English Country Garden”.  There is more information on Weddings under that tab.

Over time we have accumulated the equipment we need to properly harvest, treat, and store the flowers.  We have a large, bright, area where we do the arrangements, right next to the greenhouses and fields, and we have a large walk-in cooler for storage, and a refrigerated truck for deliveries.  We do not maintain a retail shop, and more information on Products and How to Purchase is in those sections.

With two grown sons living many miles away, there are just two of us plus a Golden Retreiver on the farm.  During the summer we have high school and college age helpers, and a college-trained artist who is especially helpful with the wedding designs.  It is a lot of work, year around, but we enjoy the challenges of growing and designing.

We hope we will have the www.olymptrade.net.br/bonus/ opportunity to satisfy your floral needs – large or small.